Antony Ferguson
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14 Apr 2015

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Macrath Mor and Ceana MacRae fought valiantly to win their temporary titles as Prince and Princess of S�theil during the bloody war games. A burgeoning love and countless hopes and dreams for the future of Scotland fill the daytime hours, and passion holds them at twilight. Just married and given only five years to rule before the next set of savage games begins, Macrath and Ceana have vowed to take down the royal council in charge of the war games, but before they can move ahead, they have to first conquer their enemies-and their own personal demons. With the ghosts of their pasts chasing them and their adversaries stopping at nothing to see them destroyed, ruling S�theil will prove to be a challenge not only for their reign but also for their love.Contains mature themes.

Highland Sacrifice (Highland Wars Book 2) - Kindle edition by Eliza Knight. Romance Kindle eBooks @